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What? Let’s give a listen. My heart’s flattering.

how he flinches before getting slapped

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Tao immediately letting go of Baekhyun as soon as he spots Kris

chanyeol ft. puppy. ≧ω≦

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markson & dog ;_;

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[Trans] Key instagram update - 140912 (3P)


밖에서 차기다리는중에 매니져형 멘붕오게 갑자기 숨어보자고 한 우리 . 매니져형 지금 전화오고 난리났음 안받는중

We decided to play hide and seek (with manager hyung) in the midst of waiting for him outside which caused him mental breakdown . Manager hyung is calling me in a frantic state and I’m not picking up

생중계중 이태민 합세 일본매니져까지…